As a young child my grandfather was always taking photographs. He loved to capture a candid photo. Of course back then there wasn't any digital photography or auto mode. He started with slide photography and moved on to film photography. He almost always had his camera in tow. He always managed to capture the most beautiful moments. It never ceased to amaze me.

I started becoming more interested in photography when my husband and I got married. I spent the majority of our honeymoon taking pictures with the camera his uncle had given us as a wedding present. 

Having children boosted my fascination with taking pictures that much more. The sweet moments that you can't always remember in your mind, but can hold onto with a photograph are absolutely priceless.  

We have gone through four cameras since getting married. The first three were point and shoot, but the most recent camera is a digital SLR Nikon D3100. I have had a lot of helpful advice from some friends who are either professional photographers or avid hobbyists.

I very much consider myself to be a novice. I would love to take a photography class some day when more time permits, but as of now I am content to read, practice, and shoot whenever possible. 

Here are some of the more recent photos taken.

Thanks for looking!

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