Hi, I'm Melissande (or Mel as most of my friends call me). I have five kids 2 boys and 3 girls. Our lives are filled with a little bit of chaos, humor, crazy, weird, and fun.

I love to write, which is why I have this blog. I love to learn, which is another reason I have this blog. I have found that through writing I am able to look at the world a little bit more closely and thereby learn more about people and experiences.

I love beauty, which is why I take pictures. I'm still learning a lot about that, but as with everything you can always learn more. I like to put up the pictures I take - the good pictures and the "real life" photos too. Some of my favorite pictures are those that depict my life the way it really is!

The things I write about include my kids, homeschooling, but especially real life experiences such as when my dad adopted me at the age of 31, when my marriage was failing, or when I called the Police late one winter's night. I am a firm believer in the fact that the experiences of others can help us in our own times of grief, troubles, frustration, or just confusion and so I try not to hold back when it comes to my own life. Whether it's a funny embarrassing story, or a real nitty gritty moment in my life where I had to just rely completely on God, those are the things I most want to share.

There are several areas of life that I'm focusing on right now as I traverse this road of motherhood.

1. Thankfulness. So often it is the small things that are the most important. The way a baby smells, the last goodnight kiss on a little one's forehead, the giggling, the bouquets of dandelions, the first snow fall, holding hands with my husband at the end of a long day, games with my brothers and sister in law, the opportunity to tell someone how much I've enjoyed time with them. These are the more simple, more common moments that give us so much joy. These are the moments I want to pocket away for remembering.

2. Peace. As a mom things often don't go the way I have planned. It can be hard to switch gears while maintaining a cheerful outlook. I am finding this, however is a necessary part of raising children - especially if I want a peaceful home. With lots of prayer, advice, and practice I'm focusing on having a calm, peaceful presence in my home.

3. Community. Relationships are an extremely important, integral part of people's satisfaction in life. I have found over the years that the moments when I've most needed support being able to go to a friend, a counselor, or a pastor have been exactly what I've needed. I don't want to live the kind of life where I pull into my garage and shut the door before waving hello to my neighbors or having a conversation. Relationships are fundamental. Building a community within our neighborhood, church, homeschool group, maintaining old friendships, and last but certainly not least our time with family - those are all incredibly important to me.

I hope that you find something of value here as you cruise the interwebs. I hope that we can be friends! You can find me here on Facebook, or here on Twitter. I also invite you to subscribe via email located on my Home page.

Feel free to send me an email, comment, or follow along silently. I'm always happy to connect!

Join me as I enjoy life!


  1. This was cool to read! You're awesome and I've loved getting to "know" you through your Beautiful blog. ❤

  2. Great blog! I ran into you from TMB, just browsing. I am glad I happened to come by yours. :-)

  3. I love this, and am so glad I came across your blog! So glad to find someone else who loves to post about the real and messy parts of motherhood :) I look forward to reading more!


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