Monday, January 30, 2017

Look Around

Lately I've been picking up my camera again. I had taken a long break. That's how it goes. Things ebb and flow. Those things you love - reading books, baking, writing in your journal, taking hikes, painting, whatever it is... they take the back seat from time to time as your life moves with the rhythm of mothering, holidays, visitors... you know, life. So, I had set my camera on a shelf and not even looked in its general direction for several months.

A couple weeks ago I picked my up camera again with fresh eyes. Hello, old friend. It's funny how sometimes those breaks are necessary. Sometimes I think of those intermissions as being bad. I feel guilty. Like, I *should* be taking pictures. I *should* be hiking. I *should* be writing more. I think because those things are a part of me, putting them away for a time feels unnatural. There legitimately is a part of me missing in a sense. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" though, as they say. And while I'm at it here's another cliche - "You cannot be all things all the time." Allowing a break can bring you full circle and with renewed energy.

Taking photos is a balm. As I look through the lens and focus on the beauty around me it becomes increasingly difficult to feel bad about my surroundings. I can see everything that God has created and how intricately He's woven it together. What a gift. It's not creation that fills me, but more that knowledge that God loves us enough to allow us this joy.

Do what you love. When you have those moments, delve into those gifts that God has given you. You won't regret it.

Also, if you're on Instagram and you'd like to see more photos, or just be friends there, here is my instagram link.

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  1. hi, really loved your true when you say sometimes the thing you love take a backseat!! Keep writing..looking forward to more pots on your journey to homeschooling.
    Do visit my blog too :)


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