Friday, February 26, 2016

Human Trafficking is Real

I wrote this a couple years ago, but I'm re-posting now because it still applies. 

As a stay at home mom who homeschools I am immersed in all things children pretty much 24/7. From the moment I wake up I hear knocks on my door and open my eyes to see little faces peering at me. I spend the morning hours getting the laundry going, fixing breakfast, cleaning up from breakfast, telling kids to finish chores, and then commencing with the school day, all the while loving on a little almost 1 year old who is either on my hip or getting into some sort of mischief. With the work of attending to little ones all day, I don't often manage to emerge from my mommy shell. Then, there are those times when I do come up for air and it feels as if I have been hit in the chest with a sledge hammer.

Yesterday I read about the 234 girls that were abducted  from one school. It was one of those moments.

Not too long ago I was invited to a party my friend was hosting for a company called Better Way Imports. I went to the Facebook invite and saw the description of the company: "Better Way Imports partners with organizations around the world that are helping women live in freedom from Human Trafficking." My interest was piqued. I wasn't able to attend the party, but I signed up to host one.

Hosting the party was an eye opener. It was very informative.

Here are some things I have learned:

As a parent to say this was difficult to find out is an extreme understatement. I love my kids beyond what I can express in mere words. To know that there are kids out there being abused in this way makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

A mere 1-2% of the people who have been trafficked end up being rescued. This is unacceptable. This is a percentage that we need to change.  

We have two choices. We can read about this, cry, feel bad for a little while and then move on. Or, we could make up our minds to help. We can make others aware of the issue, host a Better Way party, join a group against trafficking, or donate money to anti-trafficking organizations. Little people can do big things when they want to. Being informed is the first step.  

Please don't just ignore this. This is a human rights issue. These are real people who need help. I urge you to do whatever you can to help fight against the atrocities that are happening. We can make a difference.

If you have any questions concerning this issue I would gladly do my very best to help answer them.

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