Friday, December 4, 2015

Recipe for a Magical Childhood

There's something magical about childhood. I remember sleeping on the floor of my closet. I piled all my favorite toys there and made myself a bed on the floor and I cozied up with my pillow and sleeping bag and it felt so special to get to sleep in my closet - not my bed.

I remember getting ice cream at Baskin Robbins or donuts after church on Sunday.

I remember my mom letting me lick the spoon after mixing up a batch of cookies. I'd sit there until that spoon looked as if it had just been washed.

I remember days spent at the beach pretending I was a mermaid. I'd try to hold my legs together and kick them in unison so as to appear more realistically mermaid-ish.

I remember renting movies on Fridays and how my mom would make popcorn in the old popcorn pot. We'd snuggle up in the red and white blanket while we watched Disney classics and musicals.

My parents didn't ever take us to Disney Land. I wasn't in any sports. We had one car. We lived in a town house until I was almost 13. Yet, my childhood seemed to be magical. I was never lacking anything. I was loved. My brother once said, "I think I had the best childhood possible." and when I sat there and thought about it, I agreed.

It's not the manufactured stuff that makes your childhood. It isn't the video games. It isn't the television shows. It isn't the crazy vacations or the elaborate parties.

Childhood in its very essence is extraordinary. There is no other time in our lives where we really believe we can fly, have xray vision, climb the sides of buildings, make potions, transfigure, and have the wishes we make on stars come true.

Children see life through a different lens. Everything is full of possibility. Whether you're at home, the park, by yourself, or with friends.

For the most part it doesn't really matter what we do as parents. As long as we let our children know that they are loved, treasured, and safe they are going to do what kids do - enjoy life.


  1. And you need to change your profile down below before Marjorie takes offense to "mother of four" lol

  2. And you need to change your profile down below before Marjorie takes offense to "mother of four" lol

  3. So true. It is one of the many reasons I homeschool, to protect my children's youth and innocence and love of life. As I have gotten older I have begun aching for that care-free, 'dream big', 'life is full of wonder and the future is wide-open' state of mind that childhood has. And I guess I want my kids to hang onto that for as long as possible because 'real life' can be really hard. I would love for them to look back on their childhood like you and your brother do. It is so important.


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