Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Going Home

We've been in our new house for four days now. We've yet to settle as our stuff hasn't arrived yet. It's supposed to come next week sometime and until then we're using paper plates, plastic cups, and lawn chairs for meal time. We're sleeping on air mattresses and our clothes are clean because there is a landromat close by.

We decided to rent a house because not knowing the area well we wanted to make sure that we weren't stuck for an indeterminate amount of time in an area that we might end up disliking. In California space is limited and we were able to find a rental with an entire acre(!) Everyone we talk to (espeically native Californians) are incredulous. Not only is the yard spacious, but the neighborhood is actually really nice. We are also on a hill which means that we have a view. All that said, we're in the heart of town - so therefore close to anything we might need.

We've been doing some basic exploring these first couple days. We've found a nice park, a grocery store that we like, the furniture store, and Home Depot. I'm not sure that I can get back to any of these places without my handy GPS, but that's ok for now anyway.

A lot of people are asking me how I'm feeling, which is hard to answer. How does it feel to move away from everything you've ever known? How does it feel to start over in a new place? How does it feel to miss your friends and family, homeschool group, neighbors, church?

I'm not sure that those things have sunk in yet. Driving out to California was exciting. My husband did most of the driving and I was able to look around and enjoy all the changes in landscape. There was so much to look at and the kids kept us so busy that I didn't really have a lot of time to think of everything I was leaving behind.

I'm wondering about the bigger picture right now, probably more than I should. I'm happy that we have found some essential places, but I am finding my focus shift to finding friends, finding a church, a cub scout group for my oldest, dance lessons for my girl... that sort of thing. I'm not anxious yet, but once our stuff arrives I know that all those connections will be a next step.

Right now we're taking one day at a time. We're enjoying the house, the yard, the different animals we're seeing, the new places we get to visit. We're focusing on the fact that God has led us somewhere new.

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