Thursday, July 9, 2015

7 Ways Pregnancy Makes Me a Crazy Person

1. Braxton Hicks

These things are crazy. They are squeezy and starting to get longer. They're constricting and my baby is not a fan! Someone described them as awesome, and I thought, "Bless your heart." I think that is southern for, "Um. No."

2. Emotions

Yesterday my kids asked me for straws in their cups. Later in the day my husband I were presented with an illustration of what my face looked like when they requested the straws. The picture hurt my feelings, so they altered it by drawing a different face that could fold over the angry face, and then fold up again to reveal the original drawing.

3. Forgetfulness

Every time I go to the store I forget something. Last night I went to the craft store to get something in particular and came away with something altogether unrelated. I remembered briefly what I meant to get this morning... but it's gone again. I'm not sure that it will come back to me any time soon.

It wasn't a wasted trip as I picked up some pretty fabric to make a dress with... so that folks, is a win.

4. Oh My Back!

I'm not sure how much more it can withstand.

5. Rolling Over

Why is this an issue? Why must I moan, grunt, or breathe heavily every time? Yesterday when I rolled over to pick something up off the floor I had to say, "Help! Help!" because I couldn't roll back. That. is. not. ok.

6. Eating/Heartburn 

Everything makes me feel super full within a couple bites. If I try to finish my plate I end up with heartburn that makes me feel like someone lit a campfire in my neck. I'm eating Tums as fast as a little kid eats candy on Halloween.

7.  Protecting the Belly

I have 4 kids. This means jumping, lunging, wrestling, hugging, cuddling, and little people coming at me from all directions. I'm in constant ninja mode as I put my arms out in a stance resembling a power ranger.


  1. Bahahaha I'm sorry you're having such trouble but oh my word I couldn't stop laughing! I can't decide which is funnier, "bless your heart," angry/happy pictures or power ranger moves! Thanks for the smiles!

    1. I'm glad it made you laugh. Seriously, these late pregnancy hormones are something else. :)


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