Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Vacation

There is something about vacation that just calms you. I used to live for vacations as a child. Counting down the days until we left. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning all a thrill as I awaited our departure time. The excitement of the unknown, the adventure looming was palpable. 

We took off this past week to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We crossed the wide expanse of the Mackinaw bridge and took the small highways and roads to a place I remember well. It'd been years since I myself have stayed there. In fact, since my husband and I have been married (almost 13 years) we have not once stayed there. 

The cabin. A quiet place in the U.P. secluded from the outside world. A private little lake with fish, kayaks, loons, bald eagles, quiet neighbors, and campfires. In the last several years some subtle changes have happened within the cabin, but all the things I remember loving best remain the same. 

Our younger boy discovered a love of fishing. He discovered lures on the beach. He caught fish and made up back stories about where they came from. He begged to eat each one he caught.

We had gorgeous weather - not always a given when spending June up north. Often there is rain, cold weather, and cloudy days. Our days were around 70 degrees, sunny, and clear. It would rain, but always as we were already headed inside.

My husband brought his hammock which proved to be our oldest's favorite spot. He spent hours in there - often taking the littlest with him and entertaining her with tickling and stories.

Our oldest girl spent hours upon hours coloring and painting. Every morning it was her first request. She made notes for her great grandma and drew elaborate drawings of whales, people, and flowers.

We made a trip up to Lake Superior where we skipped rocks, climbed trees, and traipsed through the sand.

Our smallest was thrilled to play in the lake each day. Even though the water was still rather cold she never wanted to come out. She was content to splash around and transport sand as long as we let her. 

Without access to internet and television where we were staying our days were spent busily exploring the beach and lake, playing games, and making little trips to various destinations. Each morning my husband and I woke with a cup of coffee while the kids entertained themselves. I wrote in my diary daily. 

Each night my husband and I sat down with a deck of cards and played Rummi while we talked about everything. We were able to connect. 

It was so quiet, so peaceful, so refreshing to get away to disconnect from all the distractions and focus on our little ones and the sweetness of life.

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