Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Purpose in Every Moment

It's summer and my head is full of plans. I want to live this life purposefully. I desire forward momentum. I enjoy making plans, thinking thoughts, and checking things off of the list.

Last summer my husband left to go on a fishing trip for 10 days. I knew going into it that I needed to stay busy. We needed to see friends, have some adventures, and engage the world around us. I recognized that if we sat idly at home, discontent would likely spread and I wanted to insure that there were ample opportunities for us all to enjoy our time even though we would dearly miss my husband.

Schedules often fly by the wayside for us during summer and the do-nothing days creep in. And I find myself in this place often. More than I thought I would. This space where I mull over the moments and I wonder if I'm doing this right. 

Then, I remember.... Each day when we wake up, I say to my children as get into our day and go about our jobs, "If you work hard and get it done now, you'll not only feel good, but then you'll be able to play." I've heard this said in a myriad of ways.

Work without play is a life wasted. Play without work is also a life wasted. The intrinsic connection between the two can be missed often, but it's always ever present. Without one the other could not survive.

There are days to work.

There are days to do nothing.

Both hold value. 

The value of living a full life, working, helping, contributing to the lives of others.

The value of appreciating the still, the unspoken, the peace.

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." Proverbs 16:9  

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