Thursday, June 11, 2015

Every Day When I Wake Up

I made pancakes for breakfast. I've been making a lot of pancakes lately. The kids don't seem to mind. "You guys want pancakes?" I said as we sat there on the couch all fresh from sleep. "Yes! PANCAKES!" they shouted as if I had just declared we were going on vacation.

I turned on the griddle. I mixed the batter. They set the table. They put the drinks around the table. We sat down, and I prayed, "Thank you that we get to spend this day together."

Today we have our lawn maintenance coming to get rid of the weeds that have plagued our yard for the last several years. My husband also needed to take our new vehicle in to have some things worked on in preparation for use. All good things. Today is supposed to be relatively nice. As I was thinking about this last night I realized that we'd likely be inside much of the day with chemicals on the yard and no vehicle at our disposal.

How lucky are we that we can get rid of the weeds? How fortunate are we that we are able to maintain our vehicle? Even so, for a moment I admittedly was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to play in the yard or go to the park. 

But when I thought about it this morning as we sat around the table eating pancakes it struck me - I get to spend this day with my kids.

I get to read stories. I get to see their smiles. I get to laugh at their craziness. I get to guide them as they navigate sibling relationships and possible disappointment. My kids are healthy. My kids are happy. My kids are wonderful, beautiful little people who love me without abandon and I am the one who gets to spend every day with them. I cannot describe how lucky that makes me feel.

Today, I am feeling thankful for exuberance regarding pancakes. I am feeling joy as I see the insane outfit of my toddler, I am grateful for well-being, love, conversations, paper crafts, coloring, and busyness.

"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." - Psalm 118:24

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