Monday, April 6, 2015

Why I Want a Huge Van

I've always wanted a big family. Certainly by some people's standards our family is large, and by other people's our family seems rather small given that they themselves have 9, 10, 11, or even 12 children. For me, once this fifth makes her arrival it puts us in large family standing. It is certainly more than average in America, and it's more than my mom and dad, my aunts, uncles, and more than my cousins have had (with perhaps a couple exceptions in the second cousin category). My mom came from a family of five kids as did my dad. So really, the last people in my family to have had as many as 5 kids were my grandparents. 

People sometimes ask us if we're done having kids. Often my husband and I get jokes about *not* being done or "Don't you know how this works yet?" Either way, it doesn't really bother me. Obviously there are an array of reactions - from raised eyebrows, to hushed silence, to clapping of hands. Everyone has a different perspective given their own family of origin and so I cannot really claim to understand the ideas and reasons behind why they do what they do, or believe what they believe. I just feel fortunate to know so many people who are choosing different family sizes and different ways of living their lives. It gives me so many examples of God's goodness and love.

At any rate, just as some people prefer to have smaller families and more compact cars, I've always wanted a large family and given very long sideways glances at huge vans. Again, I don't know how many children we'll have - but those big vans seem so wonderful for a variety of reasons.

They're Big

In my mind big always equals safe. Intellectually I know this isn't necessarily true, but because I'd be so high up and able to see so far, it seems safer somehow. Kind of like a big monster or a big robot in a movie seems rather intimidating, I'd feel large and in charge and rather awesome in a big van.

Family is Important

My favorite people are my husband, kids, and my extended family. The idea that I could not only transport my own family, but also future nieces and nephews, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Well, that's a huge bonus right there! It'd be like a party bus, sans alcohol.


When my dad was young his parents purchased an old school bus and converted it into a camper. It slept 7 people and they were able to tow two boats with it. Do you realize how many memories were probably made due to that bus? A van, in my mind's eye could serve the same purpose. I'm sure that for camping trips we could easily make curtains and use our van for sleeping if it was too wet for a tent. Also, transporting your camping gear and a boat or two (we have a kayak) would be no problem. There is so much space!

(photo from


Did I mention we have a kayak? We do. Right now we can haul it on our minivan, but just the one -which means a lot of taking turns. It'd be great to be able to take more than one boat at a time so that we could all boat together instead of alone.


I homeschool. My kids are not used to leaving the house every day. Therefore, when we leave the house it can be kind of harried. Stressful really. Once we get in the car I usually sit there for a moment to gather my wits and to try to manifest some semblance of sanity. (Let's just be honest, ok?) If I were able to put my kids in the very back of a van it would be more peaceful. I kid! I kid! This category is a joke (kind of).

No More Purchases

I love the idea of being able to use a vehicle for a long time. The larger vans tend to last a long time as they're often used in commercial settings. They sit on a truck frame. They're sturdy. I like the idea of having a hardy, truck-like, dependable car that can fit as many kids as we'll have in it. I don't want to upgrade to a new car every couple of years. I'd like our next car purchase to be able to last us for quite a while.

We're probably not going to purchase a mondo van quite yet - we still have about 4 months before our newest addition joins us, but the idea is there. We'll see if it takes root and blossoms into an awesome huge van that I can rock out in. I'm really not lying when I say that a huge van to me, is like the equivalent of a man who is in the middle of his midlife crisis getting a hot new sports car. Essentially a dream car!

Isn't it gorgeous? 


  1. If it works for you buy it! I got a mini van and LOVE it!

  2. There is something fun about a big van. I remember going out to lunch with my entire volleyball team in a van. Great memories!

    1. Yes! I remember going on youth trips to St. Louis and Cedar Point when I was a teenager. Being crammed in the van with a bunch of other teenagers was some parts awesome and some parts crazy. I love the memories though. I have a lot of fond memories from those trips. :)

  3. That van is awesome. I think that would be great for 5 kids! I really like the fact that you can grown into it even with a large family! #ibabloggers


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