Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Days

Some days I have every intention of folding the humongous mountain of laundry - or washing it for that matter. Some days I plan to make a delicious, healthy, nutritious dinner. Some days I want to sew. Some days I make a mental commitment to write here in my blog. But, some days those things don't happen...

The laundry languishes in the basement. The chicken never makes it out of the freezer. The material stays untouched in the bins. The blog never sees a new post.

And, I'm starting to be ok with that.

I used to think that it made me a worse mom, wife, person. But, it doesn't. I certainly love the feeling of completing things on my list, of folding the laundry, of writing something, whatever it is that I've had on the agenda for the day...

But, some days things come up. I find myself needing to spend my time more flexibly. I wake up and someone is sick and has to go to the doctor, my husband forgot something and needs me to bring it to him, a friend calls, the weather is nice and those kids of mine - well they want to take a walk, or ride their bikes. Some of what comes up can be unexpected and even frustrating, some of it is just part of living life with kids.

I love everything to be just so. I love it to all fall into place. I like my house to stay nice, my yard to look groomed, my kids to behave, dinner to be made - you get the point. Don't we all? We all have perfectionist desires in some capacity.

"How do you do it? How do you get it all done?" she asked us. Without even blinking we both laughed and said, "We don't!" I smiled and said, "I have those particular things that I really feel are important. I focus on those. But, on some days even those don't get done..."

I think it's one of the best parts I've discovered about being a mom of little ones and more on the way. I have to give up the things that I have placed too much importance on. I have to live a less prideful, more humble existence. I cannot do it all. I have to relinquish control. If someone comes over my house doesn't look the way it did before 4 kids. I don't always get to sit down with my coffee. Some days I have no time, no energy, and nothing is as I expected.

Fortunately, I'm learning is that it's not the clean laundry or the healthy chicken dinners my kids will remember the most. They will remember the walks, the care I took in helping them with their math, the reading, the connecting.

I have all these ideas and plans and misconstrued notions of what will make my life better. Yes, it feels good to get things done, and yes it's sometimes very necessary to take the time to get those things done - but not always. Some days I have to relax; I have to give in.

This re honing, this relaxing, being flexible, allowing for mistakes, change, interruptions, and restructure, it's all part of this mom gig and it's all for my good. I don't have it down yet, but some day perhaps?

"Many plans occupy the mind of a man,
    but the Lord’s purposes will prevail." Proverbs 19:21


  1. I just LOVED this post!!! Not only was the message perfect the way you wrote the whole way through was just so beautifully done!

  2. This is a lesson I have to learn over and over again because of all my perfectionist tendencies. I know God is chipping away bit by bit ... some days I feel like I have such a long way to go. Thank you for this very encouraging post!

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I'll be honest, some days I feel guilty when the to-do list is left on the back burner, but I need to remember that God can use the moments cuddling with my boys and playing with them and those moments are the ones that my boys will remember anyways.


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