Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When Spring is Almost Here, But Isn't

In the last couple weeks we've been holding on with a vice grip. I've cheered myself up every day by looking at the month long forecast. There is no shame in this on my part. Vitamin D capsules, coffee, and weather websites have been some of my lifelines and I am proud to say I made it through this winter in high spirits! Oh really, I don't dislike winter all that much, but come February I do feel ready for some warm breezes and flowers.

We've also done things around here. Here they are. Normal things, but things nonetheless. Activities that have helped on the bitterly cold days of late February and early March.

My littlest is a lover of puzzles suddenly. She dumps them all and then we find where the pieces go many times a day. 

Big brother reading books in silly voices. Is there anything like it?

Unnaturally bright colored flowers that you buy yourself. Sunshine slipping through them? Heaven. 

A warm sweater in a bright color with cheerful buttons is sometimes just what we need. 

Ice covered snow giving the illusion of frosting on your lawn and deck. Winter decided to go out with a nice touch. 

I found this website. We have started doing the studies. With two boys who have an obsession with Legos this has been a fun way to tie God into their play. 

Wearing skirts and twirling in them. It makes us feel more Spring-y. 

Games. Lots and lots of games. 

Play dates with good friends and lots of kids. Oh, and lots of sandwiches too, and carrots, and apples, and pretzels, and fun.

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