Friday, March 13, 2015

Sew a Dress! {GIVEAWAY}

My daughter loves dresses. So much so, that last year I decided to try my hand at making her a dress myself. The only thing I'd really made on my sewing machine was a batch of cloth diapers, but it had been years since then. I figured I could at least try.  I ended up making 2 dresses for her out of the pattern I purchased and 1 for her little sister. The pattern has held up, but it's undergone a lot of pin pricks and folding to adjust for sizes.

I wanted to try making her a dress that was similar to the first pattern I'd tried (a pullover dress), but slightly different in the look. After pinteresting around I found this Stripwork Peasant Dress pattern. I fell in love.

The pattern came in PDF format which was new to me. Instead of cutting out each individual pattern pieces it provided the measurements for each piece I needed to cut out. All I needed was a rotary cutter and a self healing mat. I have those! I printed out the PDF, but had I wanted to I could have just looked at the instructions on my computer as I worked.

I have to say, I'm not sure that I'll go back to using store bought patterns. Not only were the instructions to this dress super easy to follow, but the measurements provided ranged from 6 months up to 8 years old. Amazing! Also, the fact that it gave me measurements rather than a pattern to cut out means that I can easily do it again and again without wearing out the thin pattern paper used in conventional patterns. One last major pro to the PDF pattern was that it was significantly less expensive. Win, win, win.

I'm finally starting to feel more confident in my sewing ability - which is exciting! I managed to piece together two more dresses not entirely using a pattern in the last couple days. With this new found love of mine I want to share it!

Therefore I'm doing a giveaway for the pattern that I purchased! It's beginner level, so even if you've never sewn anything in your life or you just haven't taken out your machine in a while it will be no issue for you to figure out. If you have always wanted to take up sewing and you know a little girl who loves dresses, this is a great opportunity to start. Enter the giveaway to win the pattern for the dress below!

Here is the dress pattern again. 

Here is the dress I made with the pattern:

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  1. I love that dress, and i love that pattern! Lots of possibilities!! Oh, and I love you, too! You're an awesome daughter-in-law!

  2. This is such a cute dress! I think I even have fabric on hand to make something like this. :)

    1. Christa, I had fabric on hand for it too - which made it the perfect dress to make for her Birthday! I love it when you're able to use stuff you have just laying around. :)

  3. Super cute! I love the colors of the dress! And it goes perfectly with the light saber! :-)

    1. Haha! She's a pretty fierce little girly girl. Thanks Ai!


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