Friday, February 27, 2015

Life is Stirring

I can feel it. It's right around the corner - palpable. The morning comes earlier - the evening later. Birds have begun to arrive. The air has a hint of sweetness. It's warmed ever so slightly and there's a sense of newness - not so harsh.

I feel life stirring on the surface as I get the mail or take a deep breath outside just as I feel it under the surface as I sit on the couch reading to my little ones, or lay in bed at night. We're pregnant again. I brush my fingers across my midsection in anticipation of who this person is, will be.

The beginnings that come with each Spring - with each baby, they never dull. It is fresh each time, this newness, the unfolding of life. Life all contained, biding its time, stretching the confines imperceptibly, strengthening. And then, right before us life happens breaks forth beautifully unconstrained with a flourish and a uniqueness.

I am so excited. 


  1. Yay Pregnant again! I'm encouraged by the sunshine, but the -4 temp this morning is keeping my excitement a little more in check. Still, it's coming. I can't wait :).


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