Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mandazi - Oh How Tasty!

Have you ever heard of mandazi? I'd never heard of it until this morning. I was reading up on Compassion International's website when I discovered the recipe linked from their kid's magazine - which I also didn't know about until this morning. The recipe seemed very simple and after a quick check I realized I had all the required ingredients. I had nothing of consequence on the agenda planned for this morning, so it was the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with the kids making something new!

Mandazi is a food eaten in Africa and it is described as being quite similar to donuts. My kids love donuts - well anything sugary, really. The kids and I listened to an Adventures in Odyssey episode (found here) about traveling to Africa as we got the ingredients out.

After doing one of the devotions we found on Compassion's website and talking about how differently people live in other areas we got started making the mandazi. 

Rowan got started reading the directions while the littler kids and I found the measuring cups and spoons. 

 One of the first instructions was to beat an egg. An essential skill at our house as we eat a lot of eggs. We have a teeny tiny whisk for this express purpose - and Warrick jumped right in.

 Rowan took a turn measuring out some ingredients.

 After the dough is soft (but not sticky) you roll it out to be 1/4 of an inch thick. You let it dry where you have rolled it out for 20 minutes. After it has dried you cut the dough into triangular sections.

The instructions then prompted us to heat oil over medium heat. Then, the triangles are put into the oil and fried until golden-brown. After that, we put the fried mandazi on paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

 Of course the most exciting part was right before the kids got to try the mandazi. 

 The kids sprinkled powdered sugar all over the mandazi. This was serious business.

 I love Warrick's excitement in the picture as he is about to take the first bite! (He also took the biggest piece). Ha!

 It was a success. The kids agreed that the mandazi tasted a lot like donuts. They were very light. They were the perfect snack paired with hot chocolate on a snowy day.

If you'd like to make some mandazi at your house - here is the recipe! It was incredibly easy and didn't take long at all.

Like I said, Compassion International has a kid's magazine. You can access it online. It has devotions, activities including crafts and recipes, stories about kids who have made a difference, among other things. I highly recommend checking it out.


  1. These look so good and like they were so much fun to make!!!

  2. What a cool way to teach kids about foods from other countries!! I had never heard of this until today!

  3. How fun! I'm so impressed that there is not powdered sugar ALL OVER the places and faces. Haha Love the idea of incorporating goods from different countries...especially when they're donut-like. We sponsor a child from India through Compassion International. I wonder if there is a recipe for Indian donuts. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks like a fun recipe to make. Our kids would really enjoy that. Thank you for the inspiration.


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