Thursday, November 20, 2014

At Libby's House

Girl's night. For ten years we've met. We've talked. We've convened on Wednesday nights to eat snacks, talk about our lives, and reconnect with each other. 

Girl's night started at my house, but it's been at a plethora of different locations. For the last several years girl's night has primarily lived at Libby's house.

Libby is one of those people. You know the kind? The kind that touches you to the bottom of your heart. She speaks grace, and laughs easily. She's sweet, caring, and creative. She's the kind of person you look for in a friend. 

As I was thinking of my favorite places it was not a surprise to me that her house was one of the first places I thought of.

When you walk in the door you are greeted by the smell of candles. Candles on most of the surfaces placed just so.

Since we were young Libby has had an affinity for elephants. Elephants are her favorite animal and there are several dozen tucked into little corners and placed on shelves and door frames throughout her house. 

As the years have gone by Libby has acquired a variety of beautiful plants, most of which are succulents which seem to boast a whimsical feel. Here and there is a small garden gnome or toadstool if you look closely.

 I remember when Libby was learning to crochet. Naturally gifted with her hands she picked it up quickly and within a couple years was reading crochet patterns in different languages. She began piecing together beautifully crocheted blankets for each new little baby that had been born into her prolific family and her circle of friends.

 When I'm at Libby's house I can always see her wall of circus people. In her dining area she has a collection of postcards each with a different circus character. There's the dog faced boy, siamese twins, and a juggler, in addition to several others. It's these quirky little collections that make me smile.

 Most everything in Libby's house is antique. From her footstool to her salt and pepper shakers. From her dishes to her couch. She loves things that tell a story. Sometimes I think it would be so interesting to hear all the stories.

 She even has a hot air balloon mobile. Beautifully made it hangs above her stove in the kitchen.

There are always snacks and when someone has had a birthday we have cake. Clementines and candy are a favorite as well.

Even though there is almost always someone pregnant, we have to indulge in a glass of wine on special occasions. Because, wine.

 I love Libby's house, because I love the warmth of her friendship and the memories that we're making each week as we file one by one into her little living room. I love that it is so calm and relaxed. I love that we are able to talk about anything from child rearing, to wasp nests, to a night filled with dancing. I feel like I'm walking into a story. All of this with the backdrop of elephants, antique cameras, gnomes, and plants. 

It's all rather lovely if you ask me. 

 What is one of your favorite places?

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  1. That is so cool you have girls night every week. Libby sounds like a fascinating friend to have! I love antiques as well, so people that collect them have a special place in my heart. I think I need to start a weekly girls night now too!

  2. I can see why it is one of your favorite places. Her house is very homey. My favorite place is the beach in So Cal the winter because it's quiet, not too cold and beautiful. I also love sitting on my couch, with a soft blanket, and talking to my family.

  3. Libby sounds like and incredible person. Her place sounds like it's out of the pages of a novel <3 loved this post!, it whisked me away!

  4. Girls Night every week, man I am jealous. Looks and sounds amazing.

  5. How wonderful to such an amazing friend in your life! She sounds like a very special person.


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