Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Taking Photos with Rowan

My son has been taking pictures most every day. He told me, "I think I want to be a photographer when I grow up." This, from a kid who has never really said "When I grow up I want to be...." anything. And, I know it could change, that his creativity and intellect will take him other places, but it was still exciting. It's a pleasure to see him so interested and exuberantly exploring this hobby that I also love so very much.

So, I asked my husband if he'd mind if I took a little excursion with our oldest to a nearby park so we could take photographs together.

When we arrived at the park we ran down the hill together - literally. We lay down to take photos. We crawled. We looked up. We explored. We laughed. We practiced and experimented with angles. We're really both novices. We're learning together. It's delightful. Priceless.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

There's a pond there at the park that people used to swim in. People no longer swim there as it isn't clean enough to swim in now, but it hosts a ton of wildlife - mostly fish. Pond life is so rich and abundant here. And the plant life is phenomenally beautiful.

 We ventured along one of the paths and found a little grove of sumac trees whose leaves had already fallen. Interspersed amongst the sumac were some little yellow trees. I'm not exactly certain what they were. I've searched, but to no avail so far.

When we first went to this park our friends showed us the stairs below. Down a steep hill these rickety stairs tread. We find them every time we head to this park and take them down. They're worn and the plants are overgrown all around making it feel like an adventure as we descend the hill.

 My son took several pictures as we walked down the stairs.

We were close to leaving, but we decided to head in a different direction towards the far end of the park. I'm so glad we did. The colors there were gorgeous. 

Here are the pictures that Rowan took. He explores the world of photography differently than I do. It's fascinating to watch him. He asks me to pose, or he finds an angle that I haven't considered.

Once he had taken a couple hundred photographs I asked him if he'd be interested in learning how to edit them. At first he was hesitant. He wanted to make sure that his teacher approved of the process of editing. I humored him and spoke with her.

As my husband said, "Editing is just another element of photography. All professionals edit their photos." At any rate, watching my son discover his niche, his preferences in the editing process is just as fascinating to me as seeing him explore his technique of taking the actual picture.

He enriches colors in a very different manner than I do. Sometimes it's rather shocking, to be honest! I have sat behind him while he manipulates colors and contrast and wondered to myself what he's imagining as he modifies the images. 

I love that he's enjoying every aspect. I love that he's finding his own preferences and that he's confident in utilizing them. I pray that continues!

I think one of the best parts of this, is that because we were taking photos I was able to capture so much of this special moment between the two of us. I will never forget it.


  1. I think this is so sweet! What a great thing you two can do together!

  2. He is very talented! Those are beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. You both took gorgeous pictures! I love all the Fall colors. You and Rowan really captured the magic of the season.

  4. Amazing photos! What a great adventure with your son. And to be able to watch him develop a love for photography, priceless! I hope I get to enjoy moments like these with my kids soon.

  5. Great Photos! How I'm missing fall. I live in Florida and these pics just made me miss it even more! Beautiful Post

  6. Fantastic photos! I love the one with the stairs, although they are all beautiful!

  7. Oh I love this so much!!! Beautiful pictures and a beautiful bond between you and your son. This is just priceless!

  8. Gorgeous - both the photos and your gorgeous relationship! x

  9. Fall really is the best time of the year! Beautiful pictures

  10. Such an amazing and special adventure! Who knows, you could be raising the next Ansel Adams!!!!!!


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