Friday, October 3, 2014

Just For You, With Love

"What's your favorite picture you've ever taken, Mama?" he asked me this morning. We had just gone outside after noticing how beautiful the sunrise was. It was breathtaking, really... "I'm not sure honey. I think most of my favorite pictures are the photos I've taken in our backyard." I replied.

Living in this house I've come to love the sunrise. Our house boasts several windows on the eastern side with an open landscape. In the early morning hours we're privileged to witness God's majesty. Sunbeams shining down through clouds, or the mist rising up over the pond to meet the early rays. Bright almost fluorescent colors amidst dark rain laden clouds.

It wasn't a selling feature for us - an eastward facing panorama. But now? It's probably my favorite aspect of living here.

This morning as I wound my way downstairs, baby in arms blinking open my sleepy eyes there it was... again. Another beautiful landscape. Another picture. Sometimes, I can't help but think God had me in mind when he painted it. A present, like a loving embrace. Here you go, here's something to show how much you mean to me...

Below are the pictures that my son and I were able to capture this morning. Two different cameras, two different views. The first two are the pictures I took. The second two are my son's.


  1. Wow, that really is a stunning sunrise, all beautiful photos.

  2. Wow, amazing photos! I have never seen a sunrise like that.

  3. Those are incredible! What a wonderful surprise to discover after you moved into that house, an aspect that was hardly noticed before. Amazing!


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