Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Five Things to Admit

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Last week there were so many awesome link ups for Transparent Tuesday. I am so excited to feature two of those posts for you to check out!

The first one is by Christa at Learning to Trust. She writes about struggling with discontentment despite being surrounded by so much good. While reading her post it struck a chord with me, because often I've felt the same exact way. Check it out below!

For my second feature, Mandy at Odds and Evans writes about her birth experience. I was awed by her strength and courage as a first time mom. If you want to read an incredibly authentic post about Mandy's experience I encourage you to check out her blog below!

Today for Transparent Tuesday I am going to admit 5 things.

1. I drink diet pop and I love it.

2. I don't watch Star Trek much, but I really love Captain Picard.

3. I get road rage, especially when being passed on the right. 

4. I hate mouth noises so so much and if you make them, you may see me making this face.

5. I love to dance in the mirror. It's therapy.

 (photo courtesy of dailyhappyquote.com).

Today is Transparent Tuesday!

I invite you to link up and join me in an effort to cast aside the filters! We all have a story to tell. The best stories are those where ordinary people rise up and work through the tough situations, the unseemly moments, the mundane, and the unglamorous.

All you have to do to link up is:

1. One posts, two posts, three?! Link up to three posts of anything authentic! A picture, a post, a quote you love!

2. Copy the url for your post (not your site) in the linky below.

3. Finally, last but not least copy the code for the Transparent Tuesday graphic and attach it to your post so that other people can come and see all the other posts for Transparent Tuesday. The more the graphic is shared, the more people will be able to participate!

If there are enough linkups I will be able to feature it on the following week! Please link up and share with other bloggers who might be interested! I love seeing what other transparent views people offer! 

Thanks for linking up! The graphic and link up are below:

Our Growing Roots


  1. I love your five things! LOL I can't stand Star Trek (my hubby loves it, though), but I love Captain P too!! :D

    1. My husband loves Star Trek as well. I have learned to like it - still not as much as he does, but I'm getting there!

  2. Thank you for the shout-out! :)

    1. Of course! Thanks again for linking up last week!


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