Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Birth Story {Transparent Tuesday}

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Our little Lyriel was born at 6:47 am, weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz and measuring 20 inches long. 

That particular Friday night Greg and I stayed up late playing games with my brother and sister in law. We played until roughly 11:30 whereupon they went home. After they left Greg and I watched an episode of "Bones." I was feeling rather exhausted and lethargic. I ended up falling asleep during "Bones" and dozing off quickly again once we headed to bed at 12:30 am.

At about 2:20 in the morning I woke up with a start. Almost immediately my water broke. When I stood up, I knew we needed to get to the hospital quickly. As soon as I had realized my water broke I began to shake Greg awake saying, "Greg! It broke again! My water!" (My water has broken with 3 out of 4 children). He was in motion so quickly. He grabbed me a towel and I headed for the phone. I called my dad, he said they would be over as soon as possible.

I had somewhat unpacked my hospital bag as my due date was still a ways off. I had decided the baby wasn't coming any time soon. I asked Greg to get the hospital necessities back together. While Greg was repacking my bag I went downstairs and phoned my OB's office. The message indicated that my OB was not on call and listed an alternate on call number.

This is when I felt the first contraction. It wasn't very strong, but it definitely was not a braxton hicks!

I phoned the second number and spoke with someone who said a Dr. would head up to the hospital to meet me. Once I finished the phone call Greg was on his way down the stairs.

As we opened the door my parents pulled into the driveway. We gave them hugs as we jumped into our car, told them that the guest bed was ready for them, and made our departure.

I had several more contractions in the car on our way, but again they were doable. 

When we pulled into the Birth Center drive at the hospital Greg asked I would rather be dropped off or walk in. I opted to have him drop me at the door. I could see the woman who sits at the door sleeping and I almost envied her comfort. I walked in and she woke up, asked me if I needed help, to which I declined.

Once I got up to the check in they started me on some paperwork. Greg was very anxious thinking that the baby could be born any moment. With our birth track records (3 hours, 90 minutes, 7 hours), I don't really blame him!

Even though I was experiencing contractions I was still pretty comfortable between them. A nurse came shortly and took us back to Triage. Within moments a midwife came in, asked me questions, and proceeded to check me. I was dilated to a 4 and at -1 station. For a moment, they thought that there may be meconium in my amniotic fluid, but it was clear. While in Triage I stayed relatively comfortable. We were there for about an hour being monitored so they could make sure things were progressing.

Around 4 am the Labor and Delivery nurse came to get us. She had a wheelchair and she was very friendly. Once we were transferred I handed her my birth plan. I told them that the most important thing to me was for the birth to be peaceful with no yelling as I had had a bad experience during a previous birth. They both seemed surprised by the request and assured me that they would never yell at me.

Lyriel was still very active and at every chance kicked at the monitor on my belly. By this time the contractions were not comfortable. I had to take a moment every time I had one.

I was pretty hungry. It had been since dinnertime that I had had any food. I had only eaten a small portion of spaghetti, because I had been feeling so full of baby. I asked if I could eat something, to which they told me I could eat something clear like jello. I asked them to bring me some strawberry jello and I devoured it. Soon after I started getting extremely strong contractions. I also started to get strong nausea in waves. I ended up vomiting up the jello as the contractions wracked my body.

The nurses and techs would come in from time to time just to check on me, but by this time I was really concentrating on getting through the contractions. I prayed that God would lighten my load. I prayed that labor would be bearable. I was scared. After I prayed I focused on conserving my energy and not thrashing. I closed my eyes and thanked God for Lyriel. I thanked Him for choosing me to be her mother. I was so relaxed after a time that I was able to doze off in between contractions.

Greg was sleeping in the chair next to the bed and so I decided to try to be quiet. God was so present. 

After 30-45 minutes of very intense contractions with quiet and breaks between them I felt Lyriel move down noticeably. There was suddenly an enormous amount of pressure. I told Greg and he called my nurse. She came in, looked and announced that we were ready to have the baby. I was anxious, but excited. The doctor arrived with enough time to put on his gloves and sit down.

Lyriel came out about 2 minutes later covered in vernix and with a head full of gorgeous dark hair. Perfect in every way imaginable. We didn't know that we wanted to name her Lyriel until after she was born, but after looking at all the names on our list we realized that it suit her.

The experience of having Lyriel was almost surreal. There have been moments in my life that I have felt particularly close to God, and during my labor with her was one of them. It was the most peaceful, the most calm, the most comfortable labor I've experienced so far. If all labors were like this I could have a dozen more! I'm  so thankful for this beautiful girl and the glorious experience of helping bring her to this world.

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  1. Beautiful story!! I love that you spent quiet time with God while in labor - that is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for sharing. :D

  2. What a beautiful birth story and how wonderful to be able to spend quiet time with God in the midst of labour. Gorgeous photo of your beautiful baby girl too, praise God for her safe arrival :-)

  3. What an awesome experience! A story like that is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing - I love birth stories. :)

  4. Beautiful story!!! I love birth stories 😍

  5. Beautiful birth story! I remember that meditating on God's goodness and remembering Bible verses filled with His promises really helped me through labor and delivery.

  6. What an incredible birth story! I love your little one's name by the way, so unique! :)


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