Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm So Embarrassed {Transparent Tuesday}

"I'm going to write a post about the most embarrassing show I've ever watched." I told my brothers and sister in law the other night. "What is it?" My brother asked. "I'm not telling. It's too embarrassing. I don't want to see all of your reactions." My middle brother started to chuckle, "Is it Flavor Flav!?" he asked. "No!! But... I did watch that too..."

Way too much laughter. 

You would think that with the hundreds of networks and streaming video services I could find a suitable show to watch. Something that I could be proud to say, "Oh yes. I watch that show. Yeah, you know? The wholesome one?" For instance, something on perhaps Masterpiece Theater, or something equivalent anyway. Even better? No show at all.

But, no.

For several years at our weekly girl's night my girlfriends and I indulged in watching MTV's The Challenge. We knew all the characters, we cheered on our favorites and we scorned the seedy underhanded players who always seemed to win. We also enjoyed America's Next Top Model as well as Project Runway.

After a while we lost interest and stopped watching all our regular reality shows. With less time on our hands we opted to catch up with each other regarding what we had all been up to the previous week instead of watching the same old relentless drama unfold between people we didn't know.

After a while I kind of missed those ridiculous shows, though. So, one day I found a new one. I literally cannot find a picture that I feel comfortable posting though. So here below is a clue...

If you guessed Jersey Shore - you're right. *Shame* 

Jersey Shore is a show about eight housemates who stay in a house on... Jersey Shore. They have the Jersey accent, and engage in all sorts of shenanigans usually involving alcohol, fighting, drama, and poor decisions. 

I was so embarrassed about watching this show - mortified really that I kept it a secret from most everyone for a long time. I knew people who watched The Bachelor and were embarrassed by that, but this? This was so much worse than The Bachelor.

On one occasion my husband came home while I was watching Jersey Shore. He decided to go upstairs, but I could see him on the balcony in the reflection of the television. He was watching me watch the show! I immediately turned it off! "You can't watch me watch this horrible show!" I sputtered. He laughed, made a side comment like, "I don't know how you can watch that!" and went to bed.

I became versed in all the colloquialisms the cast members coined, such as:

GTL - Gym Tan Laundry.

T-Shirt Time - A chant they made up for when it was time to put on t shirts instead of wife beaters. *shame again*

Fugazi - A fake or false item, typically a knockoff of a designer or expensive purse or piece of jewelry.

Gorilla Juice Head - A guy on steroids.

You could ask, "Why did you watch that?" or "How could you watch that sort of trash?" Honestly, I guess the only thing I could say in my defense is that it was like junk food. Why do people eat potato chips or McDonald's? It's not good for you, but people do it anyway. I think never having lived a lifestyle such as theirs made it somewhat fascinating - in the train wreck sort of way. I suppose, in a way I was rooting for those kids, hoping that their lives would turn around.

And, honestly? Most of us have shows we're ashamed to like. If it isn't a show - it's a song. There is more than likely some super dumb song that you know you love. Admit it.

Today is Transparent Tuesday!

I invite you to link up and join me in an effort to cast aside the filters we use to depict our lives as always being perfect. We all have a story to tell. The best stories are those where ordinary people rise up and work through the tough situations, the unseemly moments, the mundane, and the unglamorous.

All you have to do to link up is:

1. Either merely post a picture that depicts something in an honest way (just for example it could be a dirty room, or a selfie with you without your makeup on). Write a small caption to go along with your picture. OR, instead of a picture you can write a post that gives an authentic glimpse of your life.

2. Copy the url for your post (not your site) in the link below.

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  1. Oh, I'm sure we've all watched something that we're ashamed to admit. Even if it's not on TV, I know I've wasted time watching things on YouTube. When it's done, I'm left thinking, "Did I really choose to spend a portion of my life watching that?" What can you do but move on? You're brave to admit your guilty pleasure. :-)

  2. Don't feel too bad, there's a reason that show was (is?) so popular. That's what TV is for, entertainment. I think a lot of the kids on the show eventually turned their lives around, right? And they made a killing! Ha!

  3. I, too, share the guilty pleasure of watching trash TV. Should we start a support group? :)

  4. I watch Pretty Little Liars….my husband is always making jokes about it.

  5. OMG I watched the Jersey Shore, and CRIED when it ended, did the same with Gilmore Girls, Laguna Beach, Gossip Girl and The Hills. Bad TV is good TV...lol


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