Friday, May 2, 2014

Worth A Thousand Words

My husband bought me a camera not too long ago. I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I'm still learning all the technical terms and exactly what they mean, but it's fun. I am taking pictures every chance I get and probably annoying a lot of people in the process (except for Rowan, whose favorite pastime is photobombing).  My computer is quickly filling up with images and yet I keep taking more and more... and more.

My grandpa was an artist. He painted with several mediums, and he painted many different types of subjects but his favorite, he confessed were portraits. There is just something about people. The kindness in a person's eyes. Their gentleness. A person's enthusiasm. The love between two people. Friendship. Laughter. The excitement that children exude.

I certainly wouldn't consider myself a skilled photographer - at least not yet. I already enjoy taking pictures of people more than anything else though. The little moments that you catch in an instant, but that will remain in a photo forever - well, it is pretty amazing.

Although I'm behind the lens 95% of the time I'm starting to hand the camera over more. I've read several posts from women stating that they regret not having pictures of themselves from when their children were young. They regret not seeing the happiness between their children and themselves. They want their children to know how much their mamas loved them. I'm thankful for that advice. My kids are my favorite people and I want them to know it - and not just by words.

I love that with a simple click personality is transported from life to film instantly.

Joy. The first ride on a swing.

Her hair getting long. A little girl turning into a bigger girl.

Sweet precious smiles that I want to pocket away in my heart forever and ever.

Moments between an uncle and his mischievous nephew.

Moments with the niece who adores her uncles and her aunts.

Lovely precious people in my life whose smiles and chats I treasure.


Boy, do boys bring funny moments. They really are never ending. I do so love these little guys.

Two little girl cousins who are beginning to forge a friendship with one another.

And then, those sweet moments that happen in the every day that sometimes I miss in the rush of it all. 

Pictures. Sometimes they seem to speak so much more loudly than words do.


  1. Your photos are beautiful, you've captured so much love and personality, so many moments to remember, and that goes for the ones with you too. And you're right, they do definitely 'speak'.

  2. Thank you so very much! What a lovely thing to say. I'm very fortunate to have such great people to take pictures of.


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