Monday, May 5, 2014

Blogger Selfie: How I Write

Upon visiting some other blogs I saw this going around and had a great time reading about and looking at the pictures people were posting regarding how they write.

(Here is my little writing station).

Then my friend tagged me! I wasn't expecting to get tagged as I haven't been back to blogging for too long yet, but I'm pretty excited that I did get tagged in this. I think it's a fun reflection. Without further ado here it goes...

My beautiful, talented best friend from childhood Lydia tagged me. I have known her since I was twelve and she was ten. We spent many a day as kids holding clubhouse meetings in her parent's barn along with her sister and her cousin (two of my other best friends). We held photo sessions together. We had sleepovers.  We were married 4 months apart. We've had children alongside one another. She is the first person I go to for advice, encouragement, and support. She is also the first person I tell anything important to. I'm so incredibly thankful to have her in my life. She is a life line and a true friend. Her writing is encouraging and beautiful. She creates metaphors that jump off of the page and right into the recesses of your heart urging you to live life more intentionally and fully. Check out her blog - her writing is a masterpiece. 

The four questions that comprise the "Blogger Selfie" are as follows...

1. What Are You Working On?

At this moment I am working on this blog. I am taking it one day at a time. I try to carve out at least one night a week to sit down and get my thoughts out in written form. It doesn't always work out that way, but I can *usually* make it happen. Since returning to the blogging scene I've found there is not a day that goes by where I don't have some idea that pops into my head about what I'd like to write next. Currently I'm working on a series of marriage posts with some collaboration from my husband. It's taking a lot of thought and effort to write it out in the way that he and I want it to be conveyed. I'm hoping to have it done in the next couple weeks, but that remains to be seen. 

2)  What Makes Your Work Different From Others' Work In The Same Genre?

What genre? Homeschooling? Parenting? Hobbies? Crafts? Human Rights? I'm not sure that I fit neatly into any one category. I started to realize that all the tags I was tacking on my posts were different and rarely were any of them ever repeated. I had to reevaluate my tags just to make everything more readable. I'm still not sure if it worked, but hey, I tried! I like to write what I'm thinking about - and I think about a lot of different topics. It'd be lovely if I could stick to a handful of themes, but honestly I think it goes against my personality to compartmentalize my writing. I'm emotional and all over the place in real life and that really translates in my day to day writing. I can't commit to one topic. It's just not me.

3)  Why Do You Write What You Do? 

I touched on this a bit in the last paragraph. It depends on the topic of the day. 

I write about my children because I love them with a fierce mama bear love and think they're the best people I know. They teach me so much more than I ever thought was possible. My children teach me about love, grace, forgiveness, trust, kindness, and mostly about God. When I think about how much I love them it reminds me how much God must love me.  

I write about my past because I love a good story. Every single person has at least a couple good stories about their lives up their sleeve. It's always fascinating to hear (or read) these stories and get to know someone just a little bit better. 

I have felt inclined to write a couple posts on topics such as adoption and trafficking because I believe that these issues are extraordinarily important. Providing support for people such as orphans as well as women and children who have been trafficked, or who are at risk of being trafficked is something that I believe we all should be doing . People can help regardless of their situation. Stepping up to the plate can be as simple as writing a blog post to raise awareness or donating money. On the other hand, it can be as involved as starting a group, fostering a child, or adopting. 

4) How Does Your Writing Process Work?

It really depends. There are times when I get an idea in my head and I will quickly jot down a couple sentences in my diary so as to remember later on after "mommy brain" has had its go with me. Later on those sentences will manifest in a post that's been on my mind for a while. Other posts begin with a picture that I've taken. Some posts seem to fly from my fingers onto the screen in a matter of minutes, effortlessly. However, that's rare. Usually it takes time for me to get my thoughts out on the screen and to whittle down what I have to something that actually sounds coherent! I've even written out detailed outlines before when I've felt that I really would like to say something, but it's just not coming together in the way that I want it to. I pray a lot about my posts. I don't want to offend anyone, and I want what I say to be loving and relatable. I have a very beautiful life. I want that to come across, because I truly cherish my many blessings. I also don't want to come across as spotless, because I have just as many broken moments as the next person.  

*Now For The Real Fun*

First up I'm going to tag my friend Alice. She is amazing. Not only is she smart, funny, and organized but she has a huge heart. Three of her kids are on the autistic spectrum and reading about her modus operandi is always refreshing. Alice is a straight shooter and is an example of someone who really advocates for her kids, but at the same time teaches them how to be responsible and kind. She regularly motivates me to be a better mom. I think she is amazing. You'll love reading about Alice and her family.

Next, I'm tagging my long time friend Kristin! I've known Kristin since I was three and she was even younger. She moved away when we were both young, but we reconnected via Facebook and it's been great to catch up as adults and see what new adventures she's embarking on. She inspires me with her honesty. In the midst of growing her family with her husband she has experienced two house fires and struggled with infertility. She invariably chooses to be optimistic and peaceful. I love that about her. She is a strong woman with a kind spirit. Check out Kristin and her journey of peaceful parenting!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!


  1. I've not seen these posts before, really interesting to read!

    1. I'm going to tag you then! I'd love to see your responses! :)


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