Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Hero

 My husband and I were talking not too long ago about cars. I told him I'd just never gotten why a girl would want to be with a man who drove a sports car. My husband thought that was kind of funny. I remarked, "I just think a truck is more manly. It makes me think of someone who works hard." After smiling for a minute, my husband looked at me and said, "That's because your dad drives a truck." I stopped and said, "You're right."

My dad is the definition of a man to me and my hero.

It is the 1 year anniversary of my adoption today. One year ago the majority of my immediate family and I went up to the court house to go through with an adoption that had in a sense already manifested in the 28 years that my dad had fathered me, but legally it just hadn't been made official. It became official last year on this day.

 I cannot truthfully say that I never felt abandoned. There were instances in my life upon realizing that one of my biological parents had chosen to not be a part of my life where I felt a huge loss. When my dad adopted me, even though I already felt in my heart that this man was my father - that feeling of sadness completely left.

When someone makes the choice to love someone else who they are not required to love, when they give you the unconditional love of a parent because they have chosen to, well words cannot describe. They simply cannot.

 My dad is my hero in more ways than I can count. He is my hero for the way that he loves my mom. He is my hero for how he always finds the time to help even when he's tired. He is my hero in his love of life. He is my hero in his quiet accepting way. He is loving, fun, generous, kind, and good. He is the best representation of a Godly father that I can think of. I love him so much and I'm so, so glad that he chose my mom and me. Thank you dad for not being afraid to be my father even though you had never been a dad before. You are my hero. 


  1. what a blessing! God bless him, and your family! Checking out your blog through Lydia's Mothering Mondays. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Kristi, thank you for stopping by!


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