Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, "Rocky"

This sweet baby came into the earth in a speedy 90 minute labor, the biggest baby I've ever had. Warrick we named him, which means "Leader and Defender". It seems to suit him as he always knows where he's going and what he's going to do, no apologies.

We loved him from the minute we set eyes on him. Warrick, and his dark head of hair which was mullet-esque in the back with a mohawk on top. A rockstar from the start.

Always happy with the sweetest most kissable cheeks imaginable.

Warrick was the earliest to walk. He could climb up (and down) the bunk bed at just 14 months old. 

He turned 1 year old and he was already a big brother! He got a big boy haircut. 

He is all boy. Loud things enthrall him and girls have "cooties". He loves to climb, run, and most of all hit things with anything he can find that resembles a sword.

He is extraordinarily adorable and loveable. Warrick is snuggly and quiet when he wants to be and some of my most favorite moments with him have been cozying up with him while telling him stories or snuggling him as he falls asleep. 

He turned 2. 

He loves to go, go, go, except when it comes to chores. That's usually when he says "My legs are soo tired mommy!" He's a cunning one, he is. He definitely has his mommy wrapped around his finger. But, with that face...

He wants to do everything his big brother does. Everything. 

Warrick is joyful.

He turned 3. 

When Warrick crashes, he is out!

He became a big brother again. This little sister looks an awful lot like him. 

Warrick loves to create. He makes Lincoln Log building far more elaborate than I have ever been able to construct. He loves to paint, built, and pretend. The world is most certainly this little boy's playground. 

Imagination all.the.time. 

Warrick lights up this family with a lively and gregarious spirit that only he can bring. He is funny, witty, and generous. This family is beyond lucky to have him. 

Today is Warrick's fourth Birthday. We will be at home celebrating him. I get teary when I think about how fortunate I am to be his mama. I love the adventure, the intensity, the animation, and the punch that he brings to this household. He is a party in and of himself. He has a magnetic personality and everyone who meets him loves him.

Last night as I was putting him to bed he said, "My name is not Warrick anymore. It's Rocky now." So, today per request we're calling him "Rocky" because it's his Birthday and I'm sorry, but that's just too cute.

Happy Birthday, "Rocky"! We love you!

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