Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bubba

 When he was born I had no idea what to expect, what he'd be like, and the adventure that he would bring. 

He was my first, and as most first time moms I did everything different with him. From sewing his cloth diapers, to nursing exclusively for almost a year, to co-sleeping until he was three years old. He has taught me more about life and myself than I would have ever thought possible.

One of his favorite moments of the day has always been when his dad comes home. His whole face lights up. Watching him with his dad is truly one of the most beautiful things I've witnessed in this life.

He's a constant charmer. 

Rowan has always been silly. This has not changed even slightly as the years have gone by. It is one of my favorite aspects of his personality. His silliness is absolutely contagious. He comes up with the goofiest jokes and says the funniest things.

He is also sensitive. He is the first one to help and the last one left making sure that things are taken care of when either his dad or I need someone to pitch in. His kindness and helpfulness makes every day easier and more pleasant.

When he was little I always called him Bubba. (Sometimes I still do).

Greg and I became versed in all things Thomas the Train as Rowan got older and grew to love Thomas. We would sing the Thomas the Train theme song at bedtime and engage in all kinds of train activities. We still have two humongous bins full of trains that come in handy when the kids are in search of something to do. At times Rowan still delights in making train tracks, and I secretly delight in watching him make them.

He turned 2. 

He turned 3. 

When he was four he gained a brother, and right before he turned five we brought home another sibling - a sister. He filled his new role as big brother perfectly. He shares, he snuggles, and he tells his brother and sister stories at nighttime before they all fall asleep in the same room. He is their hero.

He turned 5.

And 6. 

 One year for Halloween he was the Tin Man. He was so cute I thought I was going to die.

Always a character he fills my world with happiness and laughter. He is smart, intuitive, observant, sweet, and loving. 

He turned 7. 

Today Rowan turns 8 and we are spending the day celebrating all that he is to us. I remember a day when I thought that I wouldn't have any kids and then this little guy blew that thought out of the water. I am so glad that he was the first child that God sent to this family. Every year that goes by I continue to marvel at the amazing person that he is. I feel like the luckiest mom alive.

Happy Birthday, Rowan. You are absolutely 100% wonderful. 

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