Friday, March 28, 2014


We've had a bout of sickness hit us here. I'd had plans to write about something else, but since I was up in the wee hours of the morning and I'm rather tired I will instead leave you with some snippets from our week. Annnnnd, since I like to be silly I will give you a close look at the close of our week with the acronym CLOSE... just for fun.


With the return of some colder weather earlier this week we opted to get crafty. I found a fun little activity for the kids to do one afternoon. All you need is:

Food Coloring
Dish Detergent

Pour some milk into a dish - a large dish will work better as it provides a larger workspace. Put a few drops of food coloring into the milk in various areas. Dip a toothpick into the dish detergent and then put the toothpick with the soap on it into the drops of food coloring. It creates a very fascinating effect. It goes quickly, but my kids spent about a half hour doing this until their milk turned a gross looking grey. Initially it was quite pretty, though!



My littlest has turned into quite the Velcro baby these days. She is actually the first baby I've had that has gotten separation anxiety at this age. She seems particularly attached to me and very concerned if I'm not with her. She has been cruising along furniture for some time, but she seems to be showing more of an interest in it now and will walk all along the couch repeatedly through the day. I don't think her first steps are too far off now. I have to say I love this age. It really is so sweet and special.



The snow is giving way to rain. Most of the ice has melted off of the pond. There is a pair of geese scoping out the perfect spot to build a nest, and I hear birds singing every morning. Spring has arrived in all its glory. It is awesome. I cannot wait to go push my kids on those swings. They're just begging to be swung.


We've learned a lot this week. I think that Rowan and I would both agree which lesson was the most interesting, though. We learned about Prince Henry the Navigator this week, which led into some other fascinating facts. 

We made a water compass out of a needle and a small piece of paper situated in a bowl. Rowan loved this. We talked about earth's molten core which is likely the cause for the gravitational pull of the needle. We then discussed using stars to navigate and making maps, which led us to our road atlas. The discussion of our atlas turned into a study of the origin of the name Atlas which means "to carry". In Mythology the Greek god Atlas was said to carry the world. So we had History, Science, Language Arts, and Geography all in one fell swoop. Fun stuff, folks. 


For entertainment this week we had some neighbors over. They brought with them their awesome 3D version of Cities and Knights. Greg and I play Settlers of Catan on very regular basis with family and friends, but we had never played Cities and Knights before. I have to say we loved it. We're big game nerds and the strategy and the 3D-ness of it all was just too awesome. We cannot wait to play it again!

So there is a {CLOSE} look on Friday here at the (almost) close of our week. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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