Monday, February 17, 2014

When You Wish You Were Perfect

You know those characteristics that seem so glaringly obvious and awful when you look in the mirror? Those little details of your personality that provoke you and make you feel unworthy, repulsive, and unlovable? Those idiosyncrasies are also your biggest strengths. Those funny little mannerisms when used correctly, yes they can be our most amazing and inspiring attributes.

The perfectionist who freaks out over the smallest details being amiss is also the person who can pull together the most elaborate events and delegate things down to the most minute detail.

The person who feels like their life is chaotic and always a mess is also the one who has creativity in the tips of their fingers all the way down to their toes. 

God perfectly created you, but he did not create you to be perfect.  

Did He not give Noah all that Noah needed to build the ark? When God told Moses to go before Pharaoh did He not provide him with a voice in Aaron and an instrument in his staff?

Those who are exceptionally sensitive and sentimental are able to provide a soft place to land and empathize when others are paralyzed and lost as to how to provide comfort to someone who is hurting.

People who swing from high to low in their emotions and feel as if they can't find their footing in the wake of their feelings are also the people who provide the passion in life inciting excitement and zeal in others. 

Do you think that he made a mistake when he made you? 
When God designed you and set you on this earth He knew that you would have the flaws that make you who you are.

The person who believes they don't have a voice and sometimes feels like they get lost in the crowd is also the best person to spend one on one time with - the one who when coaxed out of their shell is funny, charming, witty, and engaging.

You have all the tools you need in your tool box to accomplish the works that God imagined in your future.

The one who can't seem to focus on any one thing for too long is also the person who helps others all the time, moving from one person to the next doing good deed after good deed.

The individual who is always talking and can't seem to keep their thoughts to themselves is also the person who makes things happen, gets things done, and convinces others to take action.

Those characteristics that you see as weaknesses, or disfigurements - God designed those. He threw those ingredients in the mix with a vision of what you could do with them.  

The one who barrels through life without abandon causing havoc is also the one who braves the storm - the person who becomes an advocate for others, the person who enlists in the army to fight and protect.

Somebody who feels that they have impediments that can only seek to slow them down is also the one who inspires when they do make it over that hurdle and cross that finish line. 

Your flaws are like graffiti on a building, unexpected, seemingly out of place, inexplicably eye catching.

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What may seem at first a blemish dissolves as you realize its beauty. Those unique flaws are part of what make you who you are and have been specifically and purposefully fashioned. To take these intrinsic qualities and mask them as failures, attempting to excuse them and even squash them out would be regrettable. Use them, guide them, own them.

Your "flaws" are yours to do with what you choose. 

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