Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekend

Today, a picture post!

 This weekend we had a Birthday party for a little girl who turned three! Her grandparents came from out of state to help us celebrate. It was a wonderful little family party. The kids ate sugar until bedtime and the adults drank coffee... until bedtime. We fully enjoyed celebrating the joy that Seraphine has brought to us all. Here she is in all her three year old glory.

 I purchased a growth chart off of Etsy recently. It arrived last week. Just in time for Seraphine to turn three Greg and his dad mounted it to the wall. After everyone had arrived for the party we all jockeyed around it to get measured. It was really funny watching people try to stretch just to make every little bit of height count! The chart I bought is stained a natural wood color, but there are other options available. The Etsy store that I purchased it from has a unique story. I love that if we ever do decide to move we will be able to take this little bit of our history along with us. 

  Sometime during the weekend, I can't remember exactly when seven Sandhill Cranes landed on the pond out back. I think they were taking cover from the horrendous wind that was whipping through. I have to say that the pond is one of the aspects I love the most about where we live. We get to see all sorts of wildlife year round. From the ducks that inhabit the pond 365 days a year, to the snapping turtles, and on rare occasions animals such as a blue winged teal or like this weekend the cranes, it's really an amazing little spot. 

On Saturday we rushed to Costco where we hurriedly ran through getting some last minute food items for the Better Way party I was hosting that evening. If you haven't hosted one of these parties or gone to one I highly recommend it. Let's just say it's not the typical party that you might attend. The products are made by women (and some boys) who have been trafficked or were at risk of being trafficked. The proceeds go toward providing them with a better life. You can learn more about it here. The party was successful and informative. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

 Here is an example of some of the products (these are both bags, but there is a plethora of different kinds of things you can purchase, from jewelry, to journals, to clothing, and even blankets).

My second born and third born are a mere ten and a half months apart. Whew, it's fun! I love that every year they get to be the same age for six weeks. I snapped some pictures of the three year olds. I'm excited to see how this will progress as the years go by.

Happy Monday to you all! I hope that your weekend was blessed as well.

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