Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Hobby

It was probably 2005 when my husband bought me that paint set. He bought me a color wheel, some canvases, several different colors of acrylic paint, and a set of beautiful brushes. I put them in the closet and they didn't reappear until we moved in 2009. Then again when we moved later that summer, and again when we moved in the fall... You get the picture.

Over the years I've played around with several different categories of craft. I have enjoyed crocheting, sewing, fixing up furniture, and baking. I like to keep those things in my back pocket and tend to pull them out from time to time and revel in a couple days with each. Truthfully, I've never considered myself to be a "crafty" person though. In my circle of friends there are some avid knitters, crocheters, and some people who make gorgeous jewelry. Thus far, I've contented myself to appreciate the creations my friends turn out.

Not too long ago I experimented with some crayons. I had seen some crafts using melted wax with crayons and I thought, "Now there's a craft I can do!" I looked around the internet and found several different ideas for melted crayon projects. I wasn't sure if I still had those canvases or not, but sure enough there they were at the back of my closet. I dug them out and proceeded to shave little pieces of crayon all over them. It was so much fun! I ended up buying a couple more canvases and getting my oldest son involved - (cheese graters don't mix with preschoolers). After several different results I realized there were three problems with crayon art. If it's too hot the wax melts, if it's too cold the wax cracks, in addition the fumes produced when melting wax are not good for you. I can deal with cracks, and some melting, but harmful fumes didn't sound too fun.

Long story short, I ended up getting the acrylics out one day and trying to do some abstract art - because abstract couldn't be that difficult. Baby steps, people. For Christmas my husband gave me a book detailing abstract art with acrylics. Every couple days I've been getting the art supplies out when time allows and washing a canvas, or experimenting with colors. I can't even say how unbelievably exciting this is. I even painted my first landscape. I'm not going to say that I'm good at painting - at least not yet, but it doesn't even matter, I am relishing it!

In addition one of our neighbors is an artist and she has been happy to show me her art and is excited to delve into some more technique with me. Awesome. So awesome.

Painting, it's the new hobby. 


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