Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oatmeal and Eggs

It started more than a couple years back. We were trying to eat more healthily and we fell into the pattern of eating oatmeal and eggs for breakfast. It's kind of an old hat now - so much so that my oldest will ask, "What's for breakfast? Oatmeal and eggs?" The excitement they express at the prospect of eating something else - cereal for example, is rather amusing.

It's funny though, if we go for a couple of days without eating our usual hearty fare the kids will say they miss it and they'll request it. The first time it happened I was in shock. "But I thought you liked cereal better!" I gaped. I ended up pulling out all the ingredients for our die hard breakfast and everyone licked their plates.

I think it's more than just the food they miss when we don't have our familiar breakfast, though. If we're rushed and trying to get out of the house quickly, I often resort to cereal or even on occasion Tim Horton's in the car... ahem. Having our usual breakfast every morning has provided a kind of comforting ritual for our family. My boys will set the table and get the drinks, my oldest daughter will stir the eggs, my husband and I will trade off in preparation depending on who got up first, who has the baby, etc... Then, we all sit down and enjoy each other before all the stuff of daily life begins. This time we spend together grounds us as a family and helps equip us for the day ahead.

In much the same way it reminds me of time spent with God. It grounds us and gives us rest. If there are days where we're rushed and miss that time with Him, it feels like home once you get your time with Him again. Prayer and time spent reading God's word administers to our basic needs and equips us for the day. He is always safe, consistently available. There is nothing equal to the satisfaction He can give.

It's kind of funny that something as simple as breakfast has been so meaningful in our day. Oatmeal and eggs is less about the food and more about what it represents. Time, peace, comfort, and most of all love.

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