Monday, January 20, 2014

Small Winterland Update

I'm not a winter person. I love Christmas, but once January rolls around I'm ready for Spring. Michigan doesn't dish out mild winters.

My grandparents used to go down to Alabama in the winter once they'd retired and each February they took to inviting us down. It was just enough to get us through the harsh Michigan winters. Once we came back home we felt like we could tackle the rest of winter, because after all Spring was right around the corner!

These days, as a mom I often feel like winter just drags endlessly. Cabin fever creeps in and suddenly everyone is kind of grouchy and I'm begging God for Spring to arrive.

This year has been better, though. Warrick is finally old enough to go outside with his brother and play in the snow for longer amounts of time, which helps with the wiggles and allows me some quiet. That leaves the girls inside with me, we play princesses and paint nails.

I've also been able to snap a hand full of pictures of our backyard winter.

I suppose winter really is lovely.


  1. Oh Mel, you I'm a winter lover, but I understand the feeling of being ready for the next thing to come. So, here is to a winter that is full of beauty (and ends quickly!).

    1. I agree! Can't wait to take some Spring pictures. :)


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