Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In Love

We met through a mutual friend. He came to church with them that day and I went up to talk to them that day. We briefly met and discussed the fact that he played football. Our mutual friend asked me for my number. I gave it to him.

A couple days later he called. Not the mutual friend, but the guy I'd met at church, Greg. I thought he'd said his name was Gerkin (yep, like the pickle). It was kind of embarrassing. 

"Who is this?"

"Greg. We met at church."



"Gerkin? Right?"


I think we both felt slightly awkward. In my defense our friends had called him "Gerg" (his name backwards), and I'd just misheard them and thought they'd said Gerkin. Whoops. My mistake. 

We talked on the phone almost every night that week. By the end of the week he'd asked me to homecoming. By the end of the week, I had a huge crush on him. He was nice, he was conversational, he was a good listener, he was interesting, he was intelligent, he was a little bit nervous to talk to me, but he was confident. He was also not overly confident. That was nice. I wasn't into egotism. 


I didn't really know much about him, but from what I saw and had found out I knew he was someone that I was interested in learning more about. 

At the time he was only 16 and I was about to turn 18. On my 18th Birthday his friends drove him over and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was elated.

When a year and a half into our relationship Greg asked me to marry him I was floored. It came unexpectedly. I didn't anticipate that at 17 years old he would ask me to spend my life with him. I'm so glad he did. 

Our first couple of years of marriage were a little bumpy at times. Budgeting, planning, deciding who did what around the house, jobs. These things shifted around from time to time and not always smoothly. It wasn't easy, but I always had a partner with which to face the challenges. Our team wasn't always fully functional, but more often than not anything good takes time to become better.

Three years in we had our first child, Rowan. He was beautiful and perfect and small. He inherited equal parts of Greg's and my personality. I'm so thankful for those parts of Greg's personality that God gifted him with. 

Watching Greg with our first child and then with our second, third, and fourth has been one of the most amazing blessings I could ever hope to receive. The love he has for them is so immense, deeply transparent. He would do anything for them. Watching him with our kids has made me love him immeasurably more than I ever could have imagined. 

In the years we have been married (eleven now) he has become a spiritual leader of our house. He loves God. He desires to have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord and he points both the children and me in that direction when it's needed.

I know that this job of his is not always easy, but somehow he is able to take it on every day and look good doing it. He is so selfless and motivated to do the right thing. He always makes time for me, because he knows it's important. He spends special time with each of the kids. He helps family and friends. He gifts people with his time and his talents. He is amazing. I am honored to call him my husband. I am proud to stand next to him and be on his team. 

I am so thankful that I met Gerkin on that day over 14 years ago now. I am so thankful that God put him in my life and named him my husband and the father of my children. I am blessed

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