Saturday, April 21, 2012


I decided to take a break from Facebook. I was listening to the radio the other day and devouring what the speaker was saying. The speaker was talking about how in this day and age most of the communication that we do is over the internet and not face to face, rather it is via text, sites like Facebook, or by email. There is now, what seems to be not only a break down in the ability to talk with one another in person, but it's also leading to an inability to write as legibly (because when are people actually writing something with their hands?), and a significant decrease of understanding with regards to proper grammar among other things. I realize I am *blogging*. I am guilty of using the internet for most of my communication, and in addition, I text. I truly am all for the convenience of using modern technology to my advantage to a degree. Yet, in the back of my mind I do yearn for a simpler life.

When I say simple, I do not mean simple as in not having to do anything, rather I mean simple as in limiting our choices. It seems that everywhere we go there are so many options. We are like kids in a candy store. Which internet do we go with? Which restaurant should we eat at? What grocery store should we shop at? Which movie should we watch, and should it be from our own collection, or off of Netflix, Redbox, or Blockbuster? Convenience has become overwhelming! We now have so many different ways of doing everything that it's hard to decide!

Back to my original point. I deactivated my Facebook. I wanted a break. I needed to refocus.... to simplify. I've been needing a fast, so to speak. Some quiet solitude where I could spend more of my free time with God, and not clicking around looking at pictures of that friend of a friend. The same speaker that expressed his concerns over the booming technological communication business mentioned Paul the Apostle and the time that he spent in solitude. There are over a thousand days that are unaccounted for in the life of Paul. These, he spent in without the companionship of people in the desert, and it was there that he became closer to God, and... where he lost his former self. Check this out. This is something to think about. The value of being around other people is not to be dismissed. The importance of relationships is not only essential, but God desires this for us! However, our most important relationship is the one we have with God, and that is not always put first, or above the relationships we have with the people we care for.

This is my attempt at sifting out what is, and what isn't relevant. This is my first step in prioritizing and figuring out how to put God before everything else. There is value in clearing out the technological clutter. Here's to simplifying in order to experience the fullness of what God can offer.

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