Sunday, April 22, 2012


He shrieks louder and in more tones than I've ever heard, he hits, he says "No!" either quietly with an obstinate tone, or loudly, declaring his two year old independence. He also jumps with both feet - wide toothed cheeky smile spread across his face, he snuggles in close under the blankets on the couch, he proudly puts his own pants on for the first time and slaps a victorious high five to everyone in the house.

She has just discovered her own wants and desires. She wants the toy her brother is holding and with vice like grip and deep and raspy screams she protests when he won't relinquish the toy she has set her eyes upon, she throws miscellaneous pieces of food around the room like confetti, she loathes diaper changes and yells and rolls, and scoots and much as she possibly can. On the other hand her smile is like sunshine that reaches to every corner of the room and laps up all the coldness and fills your heart with warmth, her open mouth kisses are slobbery and sweet and she never hesitates to give one if you ask for it, her excitement for everyone else is contagious, and at the mere age of one year old she comforts her brothers when they cry.

He has recently learned how to tell little fibs, he isn't particularly fond of dirt, he spazzes if he sees goose droppings in the back yard, and he wipes his hands and his mouth all over his shirt during mealtime. He also constantly speaks love to everyone in our family saying "I love you SO much!" accompanied by a hug and a kiss, he eagerly offers to help me with food preparation, he willingly does his chores, he encourages his brother by letting him wear the costume and calling him "Spiderman!" darting around outside and inside with extreme intensity, his laugh is contagious and full of mirth, he is full of raw emotion that is sweet and innocent. He is a little sponge, eager to learn and full of curiosity and imagination.

My children amaze me. Each so different from the others. One of them a perfectionist, one of them barreling through life with intensity, one of them bubbly and giggly. On some days I can get so overwhelmed by the emotions and personalities that are whirling around me. I can feel that these personalities are washing over me like tidal waves knocking me around, threatening to capsize my carefully crafted and well intentioned ship. Yet, in the process I learn and grow, and even though my ship is sometimes battered or threatening to sink due to improper calculations God helps me to keep it afloat. Through God's grace I am learning how to handle these precious little lives he has entrusted to me. For a time these children will be in my house, learning from me, watching me, training up to leave. I am so lucky to have this opportunity. I love their little idiosyncrasies. If I am only thankful for the easy and fun times, I am truly missing out. Even when they're screaming, even when they're angry, irritable, sad - whatever it is I am fortunate to be their mom.

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