Thursday, November 18, 2010

Peter Pan

"I don't want to get big mama. I don't want to look different."

My four year old doesn't want to grow up.

He also has "Disappear friends" (imaginary friends). Both my son and his imagined friends have super powers. For example - they have three hands apiece not two, and they fight "mad guys". They also have awesome ninja moves. Believe me, I've seen them. His friends have names from the Thomas the Tank Engine series. "Lady" can drive a car and go places by herself even though she's only four. Apparently in her world there is no need for pullofficers (police officers), because Lady fights the mad guys herself.

Mr. four year old does not, I repeat does not like Macaroni and Cheese. Pretty much anything with yellow/orange cheese grosses him out.

My son will eat most vegetables. He likes ketchup on his chicken nuggets, NOT ranch. I have actually begun to eat ketchup on my chicken nuggets sometimes. It's not half bad!

He has never been prone to coloring. He usually only uses one color and just scribbles. He will however cut paper into miscellaneous shapes for an hour at a time.

He behaves, so well. We never had to baby proof our house. He didn't crawl until he was one years old and didn't walk until fourteen months. If I tell him not to do something he generally listens. He has spoiled me in that way. I'm probably in for it with numbers two and three!

I love his smile and I love his laugh - it is contagious. I adore his sense of humor. Odd, but so hilarious! I love how when he gets embarrassed his response is a loud and voracious growl.

I am so happy that he loves being a kid. His Peter Pan mentality is precious. For as much that I know he inevitably will grow up I hope he stays a kid for a long long time too.

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