Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blessings Great and Small

"Watch! Look! She's moving..." I say to my husband beaming. He smiles back at me as we both see the obvious movement of tiny little limbs under my round pregnant belly. This beautiful little creature I've yet to hold in my arms. This third precious little person that God has blessed us with. I can't wait to meet her.

It seems like yesterday that I found out we were pregnant with this tiny baby girl. Only having had little Warrick two months before, I was shocked when the test read "pregnant".

I call her my miracle baby, my angel. I know that every child is a gift from God - there are no mistakes. He has a purpose for every little girl and every little boy that he sends to earth. My two sons are miracles and blessings and precious little people that I love with an earth shattering love. My cup runs over with the blessings that these children lavish on me.

I call her my miracle baby because with both boys I tried to get pregnant and with both boys it took a long time. This baby was no accident or mistake. God sent this baby even though I was not trying. This baby is coming less than a year after Warrick and God has a reason for that.

I hardly have time to think about her sometimes. I'm so busy catering to the two that I have here on the outside that it's not until nighttime when my lids are heavy and I'm drifting off to sleep that I am reminded. When I feel her testing her petite little limbs or when she gets the hiccups it is then that I realize that in less than four short months she will be someone that I never knew what life was like without.

I am so appreciative for these amazing people that have been given to me. It is truly an awesome favor that I've been granted. I wait in eager anticipation to meet this newest member of our family.

Rowan 6 lbs 10 oz and Warrick 8 lbs 3 oz


  1. This is a really sweet post! Your daughter will treasure these words.


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